Joint researches with PARC members and PARC lab tours


Sep 22nd
10:00 PARC tours & discussion at the conference room (2F)/ all participants
Greeting; Professor T. Kakeshita, Dean, Graduate School of Engineering
About PHOTONICS CENTER; Professor J. Takahara
11:00-12:00 PARC Laboratory Tour
14:30-16:30 Lab tours and discussions
This event is based on free-choices of individual scientist/student .
Please contact each other during Symposium and Excursion to agree
    for inviting China and Taiwan participants and
    for visiting Photonics Center Laboratories (see notes below).
In case you need help, please contact Prof. Takahara or mail to symposium office.
List of Expertises of the deligates from China and Taiwan
List of Expertises of the Japanese participants
Agenda for September 22 nd