The best Poster Presentations Award


Sixth Photonics Center Symposium
"Nanophotonics in Asia 2011"
Dr. Che Chin CHEN, Ms. Kyoko Masui and Mr. Masashi Miyata have been awarded as the best Poster Presentations: 

Fabrication and Characterization of Three Dimensional Erected U-shape Metamaterials by Stress-driven Assembly Method / Che Chin Chen, Chih Ting Hsio, Yu Hsiang Tang, Ming Hua Shio and Din Ping Tsai / Instrument Technology Research Center, National Applied Research Laboratory andDepartment of Physics, National Taiwan University,
Microstructure Formation of Au Nanorods /Methyl Methacrylate Composite Assisted by Two-photon Polymerization / Kyoko Masui, Satoru Shoji, Kenji Asaba, Xuan-Ming Duan and Satoshi Kawata / Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and RIKEN and 
Plasmonic Devices in the Visible-Terahertz Region / Masashi Miyata, Yosuke Ueba, Hiroto Yada and Junichi Takahara / Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.