Activities in 2011


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April 6th
Professor Duan, the Coordinator of CAS, China visited Professor Kawata, the Coordinator of Photonics Center, Osaka University to start up the Advanced Nano Photonics Research and Education Center in Asia.
May 15-20th
Many members of our center participate The 5th International Conference on Surface Plasmon Photonics (SPP5) at Busan, Korea. Click here to read a list or their presentations.
May 15-20th
Professors Hayashi, Haraguchi and Takahara met at SPP5 and discussed promotion of this program.
September 22nd
Signing ceremony of China-Japan Joint Research Agreement on Advanced Photonics, TIPC, CAS and PARC-OU.
September 22nd
The first steering committee of the Japan-China Joint Research on Advanced Photonics is held at the Photonics Center, Osaka University. The committee members:
Satoshi Kawata
the Executive Director,
the Coordinator

Junichi Takahara
vice Director
Eiichi Tamiya
vice Director
ZHAO Zhen-Sheng
the Deputy Director
Zhanggui HU
the Director/ key Lab FCLT
Xuan-Ming Duan
the Coordinator
September 22nd
Program coordinators payd a courtesy call on Professor Tosio Hirano, Osaka University President and Professor Akio Baba, Trustee, Director, Research Promotion and University-Industry Collaboration Board. The visitors were Professors Satoshi Kawata, Junichi Takahara, Zhen-Sheng Zhao, Xuan-Ming Duan, Din Ping Tsai and Chi-Kuang Sun.
October 27th 2011
Prof. Takahara will give an invited lecture at the 16th International Scientific Instrument Technology Workshop ISITW in Taiwan Oct. 27afternoon with the title of "Basic Nanoplasmonics and Application to Nano-optical Circuits."